Thursday, December 20, 2012

More French Vokis!

    I used Vokis about once a week this past semester in my French I class for extra listening practice for my students. The one I made for the house and chore unit is below.

    Guiding Questions:
    1. Où est-ce qu'elle passe l'aspirateur?
    2. Quand est-ce qu'elle fait la lessive?
    3. Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait dans la cuisine?



    • Who is the question asking about? You? Your friends? Your family?
    • Is it a yes/no question?
    • If not, what question word do you hear? Who? What? Where? Why? When? How?
    • What verb do you hear? What does it mean?
    • What key vocabulary words do you hear and understand?
    Directions: Listen to the questions below (as many times as you need to). Then write out your answers to the questions in French.  

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    The Twelve Days of Gift-mas Secondary Blog Hop Day 5!

    Thanks for stopping by 
    The Twelve Days of Gift-mas Blog Hop! 

    Each day from December 1st-December 12th, a different middle school or high school blogger will join in this EXCITING blog hop! You don't want to miss out on the great freebies, specials, contests for gift cards, or giveaway shopping sprees in our TEACHERS pay TEACHERS stores. I hope that you were able to check out Mrs. Orman's Class and Hunger Games Lessons for Day 4. I stopped by to grab some freebies!

    When I saw that Making It As a Middle School Teacher blog would be hosting the 12 Days of Gift-mas Holiday Linky, I knew it would be a great way to thank my awesome followers, and a chance to give teachers a holiday gift that they deserve!

    "Five golden Rings" is appropriate for the FIVE FREE GIFTS that I have for you! They all fit into the "ring", or holiday themeThe first three priced items will be FREE to you for 24 hours only! The FREEBIES will be available from 12AM on Wednesday 12/5 to 12AM on Thursday 12/6. The holiday writing prompts are FREE everyday! Click on the images in order to download the products.

     On the 5th day of Christmas 
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    Have your students get in a "ring" for this fun, and 
    student-centered formative assessment! 
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    # 2

     Your French students will need a "ring" for their future spouse when they play M.A.S.H.!  
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    If they are going to be hanging out with the celebs in this Spanish speaking activity, then they are going to need some rings to add to their collection of serious BLING!  
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    Buyer comment: "My students RAVED about this activity. I saw more engagement from this activity than I have from a lot of other activities. Great job!"

    # 4 & # 5

    Have your students practice their writing skills in the target language with these holiday themed writing prompts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, centered around Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year! 

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    If you are looking for some holiday vocabulary for your students to use in the prompts above, or for more winter holiday activities, you may be interested in the priced vocabulary and activities below. 

    Tomorrow you will be hopping over to Lessons From The Middle for the 6th Day of Christmas. You can check out all of the pages in the link-up below.

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    Thursday, November 22, 2012


    Mark your calendar's for TeachersPayTeachers

    I am offering 20% OFF ALL ITEMS in my store 
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    This is a great time to buy all those items on your wish lists, or to purchase those bigger products that you have been wanting to buy. 

    If you are planning on doing some French or Spanish Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year's vocabulary and activities in your classes in December, buy those products now with this great discount! Click on the images below for more information!

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    French Thanksgiving Voki!

    I used Voki tonight to make the learning announcement for my online French I class tomorrow. My students are currently learning food vocabulary, and partitive articles, so the timing is great with Thanksgiving this week! I love that Voki has a "holiday" category of characters. I used a witch Voki during the week of Halloween, and now I'm using the turkey for Thanksgiving. I included the script and vocabulary below the Voki in case you are interested in using it in your class 

    Bonne journée de l’Action de Grâce!

    Pour le Jour de l'Action de Grâce, les américains mangent beaucoup! Ils mangent de la dinde, de la purée de pommes de terre, de la sauce au jus de viande, des légumes comme les haricots verts, de la farce, de la sauce aux canneberges, et du pain. Pour le dessert, ils mangent de la tarte à la citrouille. Bonne journée de l’Action de Grâce!

    la dinde=turkey
    la purée de pommes de terre=mashed potatoes
    la sauce au jus de viande=gravy
    la farce=stuffing
    la sauce aux canneberges=cranberry sauce
    la tarte à la citrouille=pumpkin pie

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Halloween Vocabulary and Activities for French or Spanish Class!

    Still looking for Halloween vocabulary and activities for your French or Spanish classes this year? These products includes 35 vocabulary words in the target language with clip art, blank Halloween Bingo cards, directions for how to print off your own Halloween bingo cards online, bingo word list, word search, word scramble, and directions for making virtual Halloween Greeting cards in French or Spanish.  

    Friday, October 12, 2012

    FLANC Presentation 2012, "Social Networking: Who to Follow for the Best World Language and Technology Teaching Tips and Resources"

    Thank you to all of the amazing teachers that attended my session at FLANC (Foreign Language Association of North Carolina) this morning! You were great! As I said in my presentation today, I will be posting my PowerPoint Presentation on the FLANC Conference site that will be available after November 15th. All attendees/members will have access. I believe you have to click on members in order to access the conference documents, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

    If you would like to look at the Today's Meet room from our session today to see other participants tips, or comments scan the QR code below, or click on


    If you are interested in creating your own QR codes go to  You can get a free QR code reader App in the Apple App Store. I use the one called QRReader.

    Here is the link to Poll Everywhere that I used in my presentation today to learn more about you.  

    I know that some of you are wanting access to today's PPT as soon as possible. Here are some of the links that I shared today. The details will be in the PPT.  Sorry about the strange formatting below. That is how it copied and pasted from my presentation. I wanted to get this up ASAP.

    Here are my sites and my contact information:

    Click "Join this site" or "Follow this blog" on the right!--> (23 French, Spanish, and technology freebies)
    Google + Liz’s Lessons

    You should consider selling your own teaching materials on Teachers pay Teachers! Just click the link below to sign up.  Elizabeth Bucrek‘s Unique Referral Program Promotion Link .   
     Diigo: Diigo is a free social bookmarking site.
    French & Spanish Blogs:

    Technology Blogs:

     The 50 Education Blogs You’re Reading

    Tammy’sTechnology Tips for Teachers

    Education Blogs:  


    Top Teacher Resources                              

    Top Teacher Freebies 





    Top Teacher Freebies  

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    French I Vokis

    Vokis are a quick and easy way to make listening activities for students, or for students to use for speaking activities! They are much more engaging than the textbook listening activities. You can use them in class for quick listening comprehension activities, or post them on your website for students to use for homework assignments. That way they can listen as many times as they need to.

    They are also great for students that are sometimes too shy to speak up in the classroom. With a Voki, they can record their voice at home when no one else is listening, and re-record as many times as they need to.

    Sometimes you don't always have time to speak with each student individually during class at the end of every unit in order to assess speaking.  Vokis can be used as one type of speaking assessment as well.

    Here are a few Vokis that I made for my French I students to review and reinforce concepts. In addition to the Voki, I post one or two comprehension questions, and ask students to text me, or email me their short answer.





    French Video Clips with songs for learning AVOIR and ALLER

    Our students can always use more practice with verbs in French I. Here are a few video clips of French songs that I have been posting for my online students for practicing the irregular verbs AVOIR and ALLER.



    Great Glittery Graphics for your Language Teacher Website!

    Looking to spice up your teacher website or blog? Need something to catch your students' attention? I have found a few great sites for this that I have been using in daily learning announcements that I post for my online students.

    One site that I have been using is Editing Myspace. You can pick the language that you want, and it has graphics in French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Ger man.  Zingerbug also has graphics in Spanish.  Zwani has graphics in ten different languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Italian. You can choose the language if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Just copy and paste the HTML code to your website, or blog!

    Here are a few examples: - Hola

    Myspace Commentaires & Graphics - Vendredi

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Top 3 Products and Freebie Linky Party

    I'm joining up with Hopkins Hoppin' Happenings for the 

    My top selling product is Texts & Tweets-Quick Formative Assessments. It is the first product that I ever posted on TpT :)  Students love texting and Twitter. Take advantage of this interest in order to get some formative feedback on their learning to guide your teaching. Only $1.75

    My second top selling product is my SUPER Technology Template Bundle! This document contains student instruction sheets/templates for eleven popular websites used in education: Wordle, Glogster, Wallwisher,Stripgenerator, Bombay TV, Blabberize, Voicethread,Xtranormal, LiveBinders,Voki, and Bookemon. It also includes teaching ideas, checklists, and rubrics. It's an easy way to increase how often you use technology in your teaching. This product is only $7.99

     My third top selling product is 18 Formative Assessment Templates! This product includes a variety of classic formative assessments.  It is a great deal for only $4.99.

    And the one you are all waiting most downloaded FREEBIE, 10 Active Games! This product has been downloaded 14,286 times! Includes explanations for how to play the Plunger/Flyswatter Game, Concept Relays, Paper Basketball, Catch and Throw, Snowball Fight, Hot Potato, Tic-Tic-Boom, Spelling Race, the Circle Game, and Magnetic Darts. These games were some of my students' favorites!

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    Video Clips for French I: "Les Chiffres", "L'Alphabet", et "L'Heure"

    I have been searching a lot recently for video clips for enhancing learning in the online French I course that  I am teaching. We are not allowed to use YouTube within the course for copyright reasons, so I have been using, and instead. They do not have as much variety as YouTube yet, but it seems like they are growing, and I have been happy so far with what I have found.

    You could use these videos for a warm-up activity, for a pre-teaching activity, or post them on your school website, or class blog as a reference for your students. 

    Here are some of the videos that I have used so far:

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    TOONDOO Comic for French Class

    Looking for a fun reading, or writing activity for your World Language students? Try making a comic! I created the comic below yesterday for my online French I students to review how to say the date in French, and how to say when their birthday is.

    You could also use a comic for a warm-up activity. Project the comic up on the screen when students come into class, and ask them to write down what they think it means. When class starts, you can have them share their guess with a partner, and then call on volunteers to share their answer with the class.

    TOONDOO is really easy to use. You can do something really simple for beginner students, or something more complex for advanced students!

    la date
    By ebucrek | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon
    (*cadeau=gift, *Où has an accent, but could not be inserted into the comic)
    To say the date in French use-->LE + number + month. 
    Example: Le 5 mars= March 5th
    You can see that the word order for the date in French is different than in English. 


    "Blabberize" For French Class!

    Have you ever used Blabberize? It is great for teacher and student use in the World Language classroom for speaking, and listening activities! I just made the "blabber" below tonight for my online French I students to review some expressions, and cultural information that they have been learning.  I included the directions below the "blabber' that I gave to students in their daily learning "announcement".

    TO DO: Please click the play button to listen. Follow along with the script below.  
    "Bonjour. Je m'appelle Claude Monet. Je suis de Paris. Mon anniversaire est le 14 novembre. Je suis artiste. J'aime travailler. Au revoir."

    You have learned almost all of the expressions above. Do you remember what they all mean?
     To review:
      Je m'appelle...= My name is...
    Je suis de + city= I am from...
    Mon anniversaire est...= My birthday is...
    "le + number + month" is used to give the date in French.
    Je suis...=I am...
    J'aime...=I like...

    I have a FREE Blabberize Instruction Template that you can download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you want to try it out too!

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