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French Movie Bundle


This bundle has vocabulary and activities for 5 movies that you can show in your beginner and intermediate French classes! Buy the bundle and SAVE $$$!

The product includes a Wordle (word cloud) of the plot summary for student to predict what will happen, a link to a movie trailer in English, 20 French related vocabulary words, 10 fill-in-the blank questions in French, and a vocabulary word search and double puzzle. These activities are designed for an intermediate French class, and the film is rated PG13. I used these activities with my French III, and French Conversation & Composition classes. 

« Rue Cases Nègres/Sugar Cane Alley » Movie Questions

The document contains a link to the trailer and plot summary, word cloud activities, 65 vocabulary words, 21 comprehension questions in French, an answer key, a list of 7 essay topics, helpful vocabulary for writing a movie review, and a sheet for the essay. This product is designed for intermediate French students. My French III students enjoyed this film! It is rated PG.

« Jean de Florette » & « Manon des Sources » Vocabulary and Activities

This document contains 97 vocabulary words from the French films and novels "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des Sources". These vocabulary lists can help students answer comprehension questions, write essays, and complete projects about the books and movies. There are separate lists if you only want to show one film. There are also lists with clip art images to help your visual learners. This product has "Wordle" word clouds for the synopsis of each film as pre-reading/pre-viewing activities, and links to the YouYube movie trailers. There is also a word search for each movie to practice vocabulary. This vocabulary can be used at any level. I used this product with my French I class. Both films are rated PG.

« Les Misérables » French Vocabulary, Activities, and Film Critique

Includes 34 related vocabulary words in French and English, 14 multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank movie questions in French, a film critique assignment, vocabulary and expressions for writing a film critique, and an answer key. There is also a "Wordle" word cloud activity of the movie summary in French, a link to the movie trailer, a word search, and a double puzzle for practicing the new vocabulary. These activities are designed for an intermediate French class, and the 1998 version of the film. However, the questions and vocabulary could work with other versions as well. It is rated PG-13. I used these activities in my French II classes. 

« Au Revoir Les Enfants » Movie Vocabulary and Activities

Includes a word cloud activity in French, a link to the trailer of the film online, a YouTube link with a video clip about the French Resistance and questions in English. It also has 25 movie questions (English version and French version), around 60 vocabulary words with clip art, a word search, a double puzzle, and 9 essay topics (English version and French version), and answer keys. This product can be used in your beginner classes (English version), or in your intermediate classes (French version). This film is rated PG.

Perplexing Pronouns!-Les Pronoms Sujets vs. Les Pronoms Disjoints


My middle school French beginner students used to struggle with the difference between subject pronouns (je/tu/il/elle/on/nous/vous/ils/elles) and stress pronouns (moi/toi/lui/elle/nous/vous/eux/elles), and I found there were not very many resources out there to help students practice and master this aspect of French grammar. So I created these activities to help my students!

This product contains fun notes and activities to teach your beginner French students about the difference between subject pronouns and stress pronouns (les pronoms disjoints)! These activities were designed for middle school, or high school French I students, but they could be used at other levels to review. This product has instructions for teachers to lead a visual and oral pronoun lesson, writing activities to help students learn the difference of stress pronouns versus subject pronouns, a group writing activity/game, and a speaking activity where students throw a ball around the room.

FREE French eBook 2017-2018 School Year!


Get inspired for your French classes this year (Second Language, and many ideas apply to francophone students) with tips and freebies from over a dozen awesome French resource creators on TpT from various parts of Canada, the US, and elsewhere. Each page offers tips, motivation, freebies, and other resources to help you save time while adding something new to your language program. Click the image for the free item on each page and don’t forget to check out other great resources by that seller, especially when you find something you love! 

Please go ahead and pin, tweet or email your French teacher colleagues!

Freebies in this compilation include … 
Des gratuités dans ce livre numérique comprennent …

o Art Lesson on Textures
o Étude de mots enrichis
o Les phrases utiles
o Character Trait Task Cards
o Activités du son « a »
o L’ordre alphabétique
o Les cercles communautaires littéraires
o Blabberize template
o Échantillon – grammaire
o Personal Dictionary
o Focus Word Wall Headers
o Avoir ou Être Digital Task Cards
o French Classroom Supply Labels
o Les Jours de la semaine
o Set of 4 Centres on Fast-Food
o Interactive Note Book : Verbes réfléchis 
o Emergent Writing Prompts

Passons une année scolaire fabuleuse!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

TpT Cyber Sale 2016!

NOV 28-29
ALL Liz's Lessons products 28% OFF!
Use Code: CYBER2016

"Guess the Celebrity"! Hispanos Famosos!

Play this fun cultural speaking game, and memory game in your beginner and intermediate level Spanish classes, for Hispanic Heritage Month, or any time of the year! 

Students will practice adjectives for describing people, professions, and nationalities. Includes:
  • Communication standards
  • Teacher instructions
  • A list of helpful Spanish vocabulary and expressions for students
  • A list of hispanic celebrities
  • 60 celebrity cards with images for you to cut out and laminate
  • A classwork or homework writing activity for describing 15 celebrities
  • A memory game where students match the photos of the hispanic celebrities with their names

Your students will love it, you will enjoy hearing them speak Spanish the entire class period, and they will learn about famous Latinos and Latinas! See positive teacher feedback and high ratings on my other "Guess the Celebrity" lessons!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

TpT Milestone French and Spanish FLASH FREEBIES!

In honor of reaching a Teachers Pay Teachers Milestone, I'm offering TWO FLASH FREEBIES! Visit my store now to get them while they're HOT! 

I truly want to thank all of teachers and followers that have supported me! I love hearing about all the creative ways that you are using my products in your classes!

I have noticed that many teachers are interested in my fun grammar activities, so BOTH my French and Spanish "Devil and Angel Imperative Posters & Activities" will be FREE until May 13th.  

Make sure to follow me here and in my TeachersPayTeachers store so that you can see what other freebies or giveaways I may have! 


Looking for a fun way to practice the imperative in your French or Spanish classes? Your students will love making these Devil Vs. Angel posters! Students think about commands that an Angel would give them (good things), and commands that a Devil would give them (bad things), if they were sitting on their shoulders. 

This product includes an explanation for how to use the activities in the classroom, guided notes with a student and teacher version, student practice sheet for commands with an answer key, Devil Vs. Angel Activity instructions/checklist, and devil and angel images for posters. The Spanish version also includes flashcards for irregular commands. 

I hope that your students enjoy it!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's that time of year again! 
Time for the TpT Cyber Sale!
Get your wish lists ready!

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Check out my newest product for French Teachers!




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