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Back to School Sale 2014 & Blast from the Past SUPER SECONDARY TEACHER YEARBOOK!

Do you remember your class pictures from middle school and high school? Is your senior picture still hanging up in your parents' house? (See mine below) Join the Secondary Top Teachers of TPT for the Blast Off Back to School Sale of 2014! Make Back to School easier this year, by stocking up on some great, new secondary products! 

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You'll find everything you need for a successful school year in these secondary stores, and they are all having sales up to 28% OFF!

Special thanks to Danielle Knight who put together all the secondary teacher's pictures and made the yearbook page above!

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Teacher Appreciation Sale-SUPER SECONDARY TEACHERS!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and time for another amazing sale at Teachers Pay Teachers! 

Check out this list of SUPER SECONDARY teachers for some of their awesome products ON SALE May 6-7th!  

Many of these fabulous teachers sell materials for grades 5 and up, so whether you teach Middle School, or High School, you're sure to find some great deals! 

Danielle Knight
Juggling ELA
The SuperHERO Teacher
The Creative Classroom
A Space to Create
Teaching High School Math
All Things Algebra
Miss Math Dork
James Whitaker
For the Love of Teaching Math
The Classroom Sparrow
Teaching Math by Hart
2 Peas and a Dog
Addie Williams h
21st Century Math Projects
Michele Luck’s Social Studies
Margaret Whisnant
Created by Mr. Hughes
Making it as a Middle School Teacher
Tracee Orman
Science Stuff
Teaching FSL
Krystal Mills
Kate’s Classroom Café
Nikki Kersbergen
FisherRena Education
Charlene Tess
Jean Adams
Ruth S.
From Chopsticks to Mason Jars
Liz's Lessons
The Tutor House

TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale 2014!

Teachers, you are amazing!
THANK YOU for all that you do for your students!
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Now is a great time to stock up on items you will need for the rest of the school year!

French and Spanish Mother's Day 
Vocabulary and Activities


French and Spanish Father's Day 
Vocabulary and Activities


French I and Spanish I Final Exam Review and Rubrics


French and Spanish Summer Vacation 
Vocabulary and Activities


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TpT 3 Million Teachers Strong Sale!

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Looking for a fun way to get your students to practice conjugating verbs? Try verb tic-tac-toe! Students conjugate verbs instead of using X's and O's. The document comes with a blank template that you can use to create your own game using the verb tense and verbs of your choice. It also includes 14 pre-made templates for -ER verbs, -IR verbs, -RE verbs, boot/stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs, irregular "yo" form verbs, and irregular verbs. You can choose the verb tense for each template.

This French game is a great way to practice and review vocabulary! The document includes one blank template so that you can fill in your own categories, plus more templates with the categories already filled in for French levels I, II, and III (6 different vocabulary games total). Teacher directions for playing the game are included.


French Spring Holiday Bundle: March-June Holiday Vocabulary and Activities

Spanish Spring Holiday Bundle! March-June Holiday Vocabulary and Activities 


Easter, Earth Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day Vocabulary and Activities! Vocabulary lists with clip art images! El 5 de mayo vocabulary and activities are included in the Spanish version as well. Activities include word searches, word scrambles, games, word cloud activities, online activities, poems, grammar, writing, and speaking activities, and making greeting cards by hand or online. Each activity is also sold separately for around $2-$3 each. BIG SAVINGS if you buy them together in a bundle!

Thursday, November 28, 2013




In celebration, Liz's Lessons is offering 
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Spanish Alphabet and Number Online Speaking Activities with Blabberize, Voki, and Vocaroo!

Looking for some fun online speaking activities to do with your beginner Spanish students for learning the alphabet and numbers? Have students record their own voice to practice, using the online tools, Blabberize, Voki, and Vocaroo.  

With Blabberize, students can choose any photo, put a moving mouth on it, and add their voice to it to make it speak! With Voki, students create a speaking avatar, and with Vocaroo, students can record their own voice, or a conversation with a partner.  

This product comes with Blabberize and Voki models for students, instruction templates, and requirement checklists.  It also includes a student version, and teacher version for notes on the numbers 1-100 , and for the alphabet.  Finally, there is a written assessment that has a matching section for numbers, and a listening section for the alphabet.

See one Blabberize and one Voki example, and a product preview below. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Celebration Sale! is celebrating 100,000 likes on Facebook

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Liz's Lessons also has reason to celebrate! 
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20 Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15-October 15th!  During this month, we celebrate the cultures, histories, and accomplishments of Americans whose ancestors have come from Spanish-Speaking countries. Below are twenty resources that you can use during Hispanic Heritage Month, and that you can integrate into your lesson plans throughout the entire school year.
  1. Scholastic's Celebrate Hispanic Heritage page has online activities that provide your students with the opportunity to discover the contributions and rich cultures of Hispanics in the United States. Students can explore Hispanic History in the Americas, Meet Famous Latinos, learn about Latinos in History, find out from some Americans of Hispanic descent what their heritage means to them, play a Piñata Concentration Game in Spanish, or Explore More with Maya and Miguel.
  2. Latino Virtual Gallery is an interactive learning site that teaches visitors about Latino cultural heritage. The nine different galleries available are Argentina at the Smithsonian 2010, Panamanian Passages, Mexican Treasures of the Smithsonian, DIVEDCO (Division of Community Education of Puerto Rico), LEGACY: Spain and the United States at the Age of Independence, Day of the Dead, Roberto Clemente: Life After Baseball, Smithsonian Latino Center's Kids Corner, and LATINO ART NOW: 3D Art Installation
  3. Gale Free Resources: Hispanic Heritage Biographies has around 50 links to biographies of famous Latinos such as author Isabel Allende, singer Celia Cruz, and actor Antonio Banderas.
  4. Teacher Planet Hispanic Heritage Lessons, Worksheets and Activities has lesson plans such as United States/Mexico Border (Gr. 9-12), worksheets like as Central America & South America Outline Maps, Units such as The Roots of American Culture, Resources like 1492: An Ongoing Voyage, and Web Quests such as El Juego que Aprende: The Learning Game. 
  5. EDSITEment National Hispanic Heritage Month has a variety of  great resources for Hispanic Heritage Month. Some of the sections of the site are The Roots of Hispanic Culture in the New World, Historical and Cultural Legacies, Hispanic Culture and Literature Today, Spanish Language, Hispanic Culture, Featured Lessons, Featured Websites, and Featured Additional EDSITEment Resources.
  6. National Hispanic Heritage Month contains an Exhibitions and Collections page, Images of famous Hispanics, and an Audio/Video page with podcasts, songs, videos, speeches, and poetry. In addition there is a Teacher Resource Page with links to primary sources that you can use in your classroom such as collection guides and research aids from The Library of Congress, National Archives Experience -- DocsTeach, National Archives, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, and the Smithsonian Institution.
  7. Smithsonian Education Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 has a Hispanic Heritage Virtual Tour that teaches students about the history and culture of America. Students learn through specially chosen objects from the Smithsonian Institution. Each object tells a story about Hispanic history and culture.
  8. Teacher Vision Hispanic Heritage Resources for Teachers offers lesson plans, printables, art and music activities, and references that will inspire your students. In addition, it has Spanish, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Literature Resources.  
  9. Education World: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month offers teaching ideas for activities that focus on the contributions of people of Hispanic heritage, and the history of the United States. It also has links to more Hispanic Heritage Month resources on the web.
  10. ReadThinkWrite Hispanic Heritage Month begins today is a lesson plan that includes classroom activities, including online research, and also provides teachers and students with websites, and related resources. 
  11. PBS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 will give you PBS Hispanic Heritage Month TV program information. 
  12. PBS Kids: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Maya and Miguel has games, videos, printables and fun facts for elementary students.               
  13. United States Census Bureau provides statistics on Hispanics living in the US.    
  14. The Learning Network-Teaching and Learning with the New York Times  has put together some of their best articles and resources in The Times that celebrate the accomplishments and cultures of Hispanic-Americans. The site gives teachers ideas for ten ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with their students, including seeing Hispanic-American art, and listening to Latin music. The activities are aligned with the Common Core Standards, and the site provides teachers with the Common Core ELA Standards 6-12 that students can work towards while completing the activities. 
  15. New York Times Article: "What's the Problem with 'Hispanic'? Just Ask a 'Latino'" is an interesting informational text that your students can read to spark a class discussion, or pull evidence from for a writing assignment. 
  16. Fakebook can be used to create a fake profile page for a famous Hispanic-American after doing some research.  
  17. Huffington Post Crafts to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month offers printables and ideas for crafts organized by country. Students can create crafts such as Guatemalan kites, or Peruvian bead necklaces 
  18. DiversityInc Hispanic Heritage Month Timeline and Facts & Figures has free downloadable PDFs. The facts and figures are put together in an infographic that you can use in class. 
  19. YouTube Hispanic Heritage Month can be used to search for videos to incorporate into your lessons.
  20. Google Images for Hispanic Heritage month is useful for printing off public domain images to hang up in your classroom, use on a bulletin board, or paste into your Hispanic Heritage Month assignments.

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