Sunday, July 23, 2017

Perplexing Pronouns!-Les Pronoms Sujets vs. Les Pronoms Disjoints


My middle school French beginner students used to struggle with the difference between subject pronouns (je/tu/il/elle/on/nous/vous/ils/elles) and stress pronouns (moi/toi/lui/elle/nous/vous/eux/elles), and I found there were not very many resources out there to help students practice and master this aspect of French grammar. So I created these activities to help my students!

This product contains fun notes and activities to teach your beginner French students about the difference between subject pronouns and stress pronouns (les pronoms disjoints)! These activities were designed for middle school, or high school French I students, but they could be used at other levels to review. This product has instructions for teachers to lead a visual and oral pronoun lesson, writing activities to help students learn the difference of stress pronouns versus subject pronouns, a group writing activity/game, and a speaking activity where students throw a ball around the room.

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