Sunday, July 23, 2017

French Movie Bundle


This bundle has vocabulary and activities for 5 movies that you can show in your beginner and intermediate French classes! Buy the bundle and SAVE $$$!

The product includes a Wordle (word cloud) of the plot summary for student to predict what will happen, a link to a movie trailer in English, 20 French related vocabulary words, 10 fill-in-the blank questions in French, and a vocabulary word search and double puzzle. These activities are designed for an intermediate French class, and the film is rated PG13. I used these activities with my French III, and French Conversation & Composition classes. 

« Rue Cases Nègres/Sugar Cane Alley » Movie Questions

The document contains a link to the trailer and plot summary, word cloud activities, 65 vocabulary words, 21 comprehension questions in French, an answer key, a list of 7 essay topics, helpful vocabulary for writing a movie review, and a sheet for the essay. This product is designed for intermediate French students. My French III students enjoyed this film! It is rated PG.

« Jean de Florette » & « Manon des Sources » Vocabulary and Activities

This document contains 97 vocabulary words from the French films and novels "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des Sources". These vocabulary lists can help students answer comprehension questions, write essays, and complete projects about the books and movies. There are separate lists if you only want to show one film. There are also lists with clip art images to help your visual learners. This product has "Wordle" word clouds for the synopsis of each film as pre-reading/pre-viewing activities, and links to the YouYube movie trailers. There is also a word search for each movie to practice vocabulary. This vocabulary can be used at any level. I used this product with my French I class. Both films are rated PG.

« Les Misérables » French Vocabulary, Activities, and Film Critique

Includes 34 related vocabulary words in French and English, 14 multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank movie questions in French, a film critique assignment, vocabulary and expressions for writing a film critique, and an answer key. There is also a "Wordle" word cloud activity of the movie summary in French, a link to the movie trailer, a word search, and a double puzzle for practicing the new vocabulary. These activities are designed for an intermediate French class, and the 1998 version of the film. However, the questions and vocabulary could work with other versions as well. It is rated PG-13. I used these activities in my French II classes. 

« Au Revoir Les Enfants » Movie Vocabulary and Activities

Includes a word cloud activity in French, a link to the trailer of the film online, a YouTube link with a video clip about the French Resistance and questions in English. It also has 25 movie questions (English version and French version), around 60 vocabulary words with clip art, a word search, a double puzzle, and 9 essay topics (English version and French version), and answer keys. This product can be used in your beginner classes (English version), or in your intermediate classes (French version). This film is rated PG.

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