Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spanish I Final Exam Review and Rubrics! Includes Speaking Questions!

Need to prepare your students for their Spanish I final exam? This packet will save you a lot of time! This review was designed to go with the textbook "En Espanol", but it is general enough that it would be a good review of basic vocabulary and grammar for any Spanish I class. Includes 24 speaking questions that students can use to prep for their exam, a speaking rubric that you can use to grade them, a list of common Spanish I infinitives, a review of verb tenses, a conjugation practice sheet with a variety of verb tenses, answer keys, a writing rubric, a writing template, and answer keys.

If you would like to preview part of this packet, download  

Three Games for Practicing Infinitive Meaning:
1. Charades: Have students get in groups and act out the verbs. The student in the group that guesses the most correctly is the winner!
2. Pictionary: Have students get in groups. Give each group a small white dry erase board, a maker, and an eraser. Students draw a verb and their group guesses the verb in Spanish.
3. The Flyswatter Game/The Plunger Game: Write as many infinitives on the board in Spanish as you can. Scatter them across the board at random, and at different angles. Divide the class into two teams. Have a student from each team come up to the board. Call out an infinitive in English. The first student to "swat" or "plunge" the correct infinitive gets a point for their team.

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