Thursday, November 3, 2011

Student Work Examples from Stripgenerator Assignment

I wrote a blog back in September about my Stripgenerator activities in English, French, and Spanish. I mentioned it to a French teacher on Twitter the other day, and the teacher asked if I had any student examples. I realized that I did and that I should have posted them in my previous blog. So here they are now!

French I Assignment: Normally with lower levels I give students a lot of flexibility in what they write. Sometimes I let them make a comic about whatever they want as long as they are practicing writing in French. One assignment I have done before in French I with stripgenerator is to have them practice greetings and introductions.

French II and French III student examples: In these two assignments students had to practice using object pronouns and also commands with object pronouns. In French II, I have also had students make comics where they practiced the past tense.

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