Wednesday, November 2, 2011

French and Spanish Music

If you ask your students what they are interested in, I would bet that many of them would mention the type of music that they like to listen to, or their favorite artist. Why not incorporate music into your World Language classroom? There are a couple of great sites out there that will help you to easily implement this.

Zachary Jones has an amazing website for Spanish teachers, and one of the categories is the "Clozeline 2011: Spanish Music Cloze Activities". On the site you have access to the music as well as free activities that go along with each song. The songs are already labeled by grammar topic or vocabulary theme so you can easily match them up with the units that you teach! Then if you want to show your students the music video, you can go do that on Each activity is also linked to National Standards.

If you teach French then you should check out AATFrench's youtube channel for a collection of French music videos. Maybe you can look at Zachary Jones worksheets in order to get some ideas for creating your own French Cloze activities.

In addition, you can have your students create their own music videos in the target language! When I taught French Conversation and Composition, I had my students do a project where they had to research a French artist or group. One component of the project was to create their own version of the music video. I was about to post an example video from one of the student groups, but it looks like their youtube account is no longer open. I'll try to find another one to post soon, along with the project!

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