Thursday, September 15, 2011

FRIDAY FREEBIE! 10 Active Games-Incorporate Movement into your class to increase learning!

I posted a new Free product, "10 Active Games", for you this week that I hope you will enjoy! Movement in the classroom can help increase academic performance, long-term memory, and participation.  It also helps awaken the mind.  Most importantly, our students find games fun and engaging! The product includes explanations for how to play the Plunger/Flyswatter Game, Concept Relays, Paper Basketball, Catch and Throw, Snowball Fight, Hot Potato, Tic-Tic-Boom, Spelling Race, the Circle Game, and Magnetic Darts. There games were some of my students' favorites! 

(Linking up this activity to Minds in Bloom "Get Those Kids Moving Link Up!")

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