Thursday, September 15, 2011

4 Free Websites to Use for Voice Activities in the Classroom

Earlier this week I shared some information with you about the website (1) Blabberize that students can use in your classroom in order to create talking images.  They can record their voice through a microphone on the computer, upload a voice track that they have already created, or record their voice from their phone! Here are four more sites that are great for voice activities:

(2) Voki With Voki students can create a free speaking avatar.  They can customize their avatar and add their voice via phone, microphone, text to speech or by uploading a file. Then they can post their Voki on any blog or website.
(3) A third option is Fotobabble which students can use to make their photos talk. They can share their own story about a personal photo, or information they have learned about an educational topic related to the photo.  Like many of these other web pages, students can share the talking photos they create on Twitter, Facebook, or via email or other social networks.

(4) Google Voice is another good site.  For Google Voice you will first need to have a Gmail account (unlike what it says in the video below you no longer need an invitation to get an account). Once you set up Google Voice, you can give your students your Google Voice phone number. Students can then set up their own Google Voice accounts in order to call you or text you at that number for free from their computer.  If you had an assignment where you wanted students to respond orally to a prompt, they could call you and leave you a voicemail on Google Voice. You have the choice to listen to the voicemail, read the script from the voicemail in your Google Voice account, or have the script from the message emailed to you.  You can also use this site for games in class. Students can text you answers to questions from their phones, or from computers and you can project them up on the screen.  Google Voice is also a great way to keep in touch with parents and students without giving out your main phone number.  

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