Friday, January 18, 2013

English, French, and Spanish MLK Activites!

Are you discussing Martin Luther King Jr. in your class next week? Are you still looking for an engaging activity? Have your students make"I have a Dream" posters! 

With this lesson plan, students get an opportunity to reflect on their dreams for the future. It comes with student directions for using Glogster, a rough draft sheet, a requirement checklist, and a rubric. 

The French and Spanish versions have an excerpt of the "I have a dream" speech in the target language, and a review of the future tense. 

If your students are beginners, and they have not learn the future tense yet, you could have them make their posters in the near future tense instead. 

Your students can make the posters on Glogster, or they have the option of making them on paper as well. They can use digital images, draw, or cut out pictures from magazines.

You also have the option of saving this activity for February, and doing it during Black History Month!

Click on the products below for more details!


Here are some examples of some posters done on paper in my French classes.

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