Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TOONDOO Comic for French Class

Looking for a fun reading, or writing activity for your World Language students? Try making a comic! I created the comic below yesterday for my online French I students to review how to say the date in French, and how to say when their birthday is.

You could also use a comic for a warm-up activity. Project the comic up on the screen when students come into class, and ask them to write down what they think it means. When class starts, you can have them share their guess with a partner, and then call on volunteers to share their answer with the class.

TOONDOO is really easy to use. You can do something really simple for beginner students, or something more complex for advanced students!

la date
By ebucrek | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon
(*cadeau=gift, *Où has an accent, but could not be inserted into the comic)
To say the date in French use-->LE + number + month. 
Example: Le 5 mars= March 5th
You can see that the word order for the date in French is different than in English. 


"Blabberize" For French Class!

Have you ever used Blabberize? It is great for teacher and student use in the World Language classroom for speaking, and listening activities! I just made the "blabber" below tonight for my online French I students to review some expressions, and cultural information that they have been learning.  I included the directions below the "blabber' that I gave to students in their daily learning "announcement".

TO DO: Please click the play button to listen. Follow along with the script below.  
"Bonjour. Je m'appelle Claude Monet. Je suis de Paris. Mon anniversaire est le 14 novembre. Je suis artiste. J'aime travailler. Au revoir."

You have learned almost all of the expressions above. Do you remember what they all mean?
 To review:
  Je m'appelle...= My name is...
Je suis de + city= I am from...
Mon anniversaire est...= My birthday is...
"le + number + month" is used to give the date in French.
Je suis...=I am...
J'aime...=I like...

I have a FREE Blabberize Instruction Template that you can download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you want to try it out too!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ultimate Middle Years Giveaway and Blog Hop Event!

Innovative Connections

Innovative Connections and Lessons From The Middle are hosting a great Middle Years Giveaway and Blog Hop Event from August 25th-August 27th

Click on the linked image above to head on over to one of the hosting blogs for all of the information and to enter the giveaway!
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  • Those who complete the blog hop challenge will get ALL of the donated freebies, as a reward! 
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I would like to introduce one of the amazing bloggers, Tracee Orman!  She has a great blog called Hunger Games Lessons! It is a blog to promote literacy through the teaching of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Grade level ranges from 5th grade and up. Click HERE to check out Tracee's Teachers pay Teachers Store!


Friday, August 10, 2012

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