Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Instructional Technology Resource Update # 2

I have listed below the top instructional resources that I have come across in the last month. More new website links are posted on  I hope you will scroll through the resources and to pick out one or two new things that interest you to try during the end of this school year.  Please let me know of resources that you are interested in for May!

    Web 2.0 Tools:
    • Make your own Search Story video in minutes | Official Google Blog (via freetech4teachers) Looking for a fun way for your students to do a bibliography? "All you need to do is type in your Google searches, pick some music and — presto! — you've got your very own Search Story to share." Here is an example of a google search story that was a commercial during the super bowl Parisian Love.

    • Posterous Spaces (via freetech4teachers) "The easiest way to share safely online." Posterous can be used for student blogging. All you need to do is to create a private "space" for your class. The great thing about it is that students can post their blogs via their email accounts, or from any of their mobile devices.

      Introducing Posterous Spaces from Posterous on Vimeo.
    • You or your students can use this site to create fake texts for teaching and learning. You type in the text conversation between two people and turn it into a screenshot that can be posted on social networks, emailed, or turned into a direct link. You can type your text in any language. This tool is great for teaching World Language!
    • 37 Ways Teachers Should Use Pinterest If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, it is a great educational resource. Teachers share their teaching ideas through "pins". 

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