Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 FREE Downloads; TpT as a Perfect Storm of Teacher Collaboration

This week's 10 FREE Downloads on TPT features six products for the secondary level. They were really great this week so it was difficult to choose my favorites! I choose the QR code poster by TechedOutTeacher and the Character Sketch by Addie Williams. I download the Free App "QRReader" on my iPhone, and tried out the poster. It is so cool! I think students would really love to receive praise this way. It is a great technique for Positive Behavior Support. The Character Sketch seems like a great activity to review character descriptions, or to do for practice before doing a character sketch in a novel. Student would be able to use the prior knowledge they gain in this activity, and easily apply it to a novel. Here they are:

75 Ways to Say Good Job - a QR Code Enabled Poster
by TechedOutTeacher
Grades 4 - 10

Character Sketch - Fun Practice with Creative Writing
by Addie Williams
Grades 6-8

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