Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NEW LiveBinders Instruction Sheet and Rubric!

I was doing an online search recently for some teachers at my school for a student instruction sheet for Livebinders and a Rubric, and I was not able to find one. So I made one myself :) LiveBinders is a 3-ring Binder for the web.

 Ideas for using Livebinders:
1.    Have students create an ePorfolio of their work from the year in your class.
2.    Have students use a Livebinder to present a research project.
3.    Create a Livebinder as a resource for your students, and post it on your web page.
4.    Use Livebinders to organize your electronic resources for the units and courses you teach.
5.    Have students create a Livebinder on a country, or make a Travelogue in a World Language classroom.
6.    Put a set of digital student projects in a Livebinder and share so that students can see their classmates’ projects.
7.    Students can create a binder on a book, or author in a Language Arts class.
8.    Create a binder of parent resources, and post it on your website.

Advantages of Livebinders:
•    They are free!
•    They are a great tool for teachers AND students.
•    You can add many types of multimedia into them-documents, PDFs, videos, photos, images, links, websites, etc.
•    They incorporate technology into your lessons.
•    They can easily be updated, or changed since they are digital.
•    Great for organization!
•    They are easy to share.

Why use web-based activities?
•    More engaging/interactive
•    Increased interest/motivation
•    Technology can facilitate the transfer from teacher-centered to learner-centered environments
•    Enhance the authenticity of the learning process
•    Help develop 21st Century Learning Skills
•    Inspire creativity

I also updated my Technology Template Bundle (Wordle, Glogster, Stripgenerator Xtranormal, Voki, Blabberize, Bombay TV, Wordle, Wallwisher, Livebinders, ) and added the LiveBinders template to it so it now contains student instruction sheets with screen shots and rubrics for 10 different popular websites in education!

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