Monday, November 21, 2011

NEW Bookemon Instruction Sheet & Rubric! Make your own books online!

I just posted a brand new product for teaching with technology! It's an activity for using the site  With bookemon you can easily create free books online that you can share with students, friends, and parents.

Ideas for using bookemon in the classroom:
  • Create a class book of student projects.
  • Have students write their own stories.
  • Have students write a book in the target language in a World Language classroom.
  • Students can use bookemon to make ePortfolios of their work throughout the school year. 
  • Create a book of student poetry.
  •  Have students write a biography about themselves in a language arts class, or foreign language class. 
  • Students can make a family history book in a World Language class to practice family vocabulary. 
  • Students can create a “How To” book in a World Language class to practice the imperative tense. 
  • Have students create a travel book about a city or country in a World Language, or Social Studies class.
YouTube bookemon Tutorials:

Advantages of bookemon: 
  • Creating a book is free! There is no cost to join, and no obligation to purchase.
  • You can add many types of multimedia into your book-documents, PDFs, photos, images, links, etc. 
  • It incorporates technology into your lessons. 
  • Books are easy to share. You can share with friends on a website or blog, via social networks, or through email.
  • You also have the option of publishing, and purchasing your book.

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