Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Websites for eBooks or ePortfolios

Recently one of the EC Teachers at my school asked if I could help her out with some resources for her classroom. She wanted to take students' work study portfolios that they had done in binders, or as Power Point Presentations in the past, and use a website in order to make them eBooks or ePortfolios instead. I created a Sqworl of website links for her with six different options. In the end for what she is trying to do, I am going to recommend that she use Bookemon. At first it appeared that you had to pay to use the site, but once I looked more into it I found that you only have to pay if you order the book when you are finished. You can share it online, and print it yourself for free. I have also included a short YouTube video on the site below.  I think that all of these websites would be great for teachers to use in order to create eBooks or ePorfolios in classes across the curriculum.

In addition, the teacher was looking for a way for students to digitally enter their hours worked for their 900 hour requirement on some type of time sheet.  When I did a search for this, I ended up finding five different free online resources that I included in the Sqworl.  I did not sign up for an account myself, but based on what I saw looking at all of the different sites I believe that abctimeclock, or Clockout might be the best options. I think that these digital time clocks might also be useful for students that are tracking their volunteer hours for a service learning requirement at school. 

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