Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Formative FREEBIE!

Frequently assess your students in order to get feedback on their learning with this formative assessment template! The teacher poses a question, and each student writes down their answer. Then each student finds a partner to compare answers with. Great peer teaching opportunity! Download "Turn to your Partner" FREE on my TEACHERS pay TEACHERS page. 

Ideas for using "Turn to Your Partner" in the classroom:

  • This could be used as a “warm-up” activity to review from the day before, or in order to activate prior knowledge.
  • You could use it to review for a quiz, or a test. To ask multiple questions, you could copy the page below front to back, and that would give students space to answer four questions.
  • Another option is to use it as an end of class exit ticket type of activity.

Teacher Tip:

  • Use a timer with this activity to encourage students to stay on task. For example give them three minutes to work on their own, and five minutes to work with partner. You can choose the time based on the difficulty level of the task.

Why use formative assessments?

  • To check for student understanding each day.
  • To improve student learning.
  • In order to know when each student has learned.
  • To assess essential learning outcomes or standards frequently.
  • In order to better balance assessment, and have multiple measures of student achievement.
  • To inform and motivate students.  

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