Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Spanish YouTube Songs for Teaching Verbs & Tenses!

So we all know that normally our students normally don't get too excited when we tell them that we will be learning a new verb or verb tense...However, there are some fun ways to teach verbs! One of them is through music. There are a few fun educational music videos on YouTube that I have used in Spanish classes in the past to teach verbs that are based on Justin Timberlake songs. Many students know and memorize the lyrics to their favorite songs on the radio. Once your students get these songs stuck in their head, it will help them to remember their verb conjugations when speaking and writing in Spanish. Here they are!

"Conjugations Back"-for teaching regular -AR Verbs

"Reflex Your Verby"-For teaching Reflexive Verbs

"Cry Me a Verb"-For reviewing Present Tense Verbs 
(Irregular "Yo" forms, "go" verbs, stem-changers, and irregulars)

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