Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Instructional Resource Update

Hello Teachers!
I have listed below some of my favorite instructional resources that I have come across in the last month. You can find more website links that I bookmarked in November at I hope that you will find something below that you can try out in your classroom soon!


Have your students make their own magazines with Scoopit! Students can choose relevant content from the Web, edit it, and share. The site is similar to, but is a magazine instead of a newspaper.

80+Google Forms for the Classroom
Scroll down to see some examples of Google Forms that other teaches have created, and check out the slideshow presentation called "71 Interesting Ways to use Google+ in the classroom & Tips".

Teaching Channel
"At Teaching Channel we believe what makes teachers inspiring is how they became experts -- the hours and years they've dedicated to improving their craft to benefit their students. Our mission is to capture their technique on video so that all teachers -- new or seasoned -- have a place to find inspiration." Search topics such as behavior, differentiation, common core, etc.

Alternatives to Traditional Homework
Scroll down to the bottom to see a chart with useful ideas and tips.

Other Teaching Ideas:
Paper Plate Venn Diagrams from Mrs. Moore's Busy Bees

Schema, New Information, Misconceptions Anchor Chart
                                                                     from The Good Life


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