Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School!

The second back to school activity I created is Back to School Activity with Wordle. In this activity you can have your students create word clouds about themselves in order to get to know them better. When students finish you can hang them up around your room. It's a great way to decorate your classroom for the beginning of the year and to make your students feel part of your classroom community. I have included a short video tutorial on Wordle in case you are new to the site. If you are new to using technology in your classroom I really recommend this site. It is one of the easiest to use. Enjoy!

Back to School Activities!

Welcome back to school! I created two new activities for teachers this year to help them to get to know their students and also incorporate technology into their teaching. The first one is the Back to School with Glogster Activity. There is also a French and Spanish version of this activity.  I think your students will really enjoy them! I included a quick 90 second Glogster tutorial in case you are new to the site.

What is a Student Achievement Coach?

Some of you may be wondering what a student achievement coach is...You have probably heard of a Literacy Coach or an Instructional Coach in the past and it is kind of similar. Here is my official job description in case you are interested.

JOB GOAL:  To provide and/or facilitate professional development to raise student achievement; to guide and monitor PLC teams’ work, including development of essential skills, common assessments, data analysis and support for students who are not experiencing success; to monitor implementation of school-wide interventions; and to provide support to teachers in need of assistance. This position is integral to the district’s goal to reduce and eliminate achievement gaps by providing teachers with instructional resources to develop effective teaching practices.


Hello everyone! Welcome to Liz's Lessons!  I'm finally getting on board with the other TeachersPayTeachers members with my own Blog. I'm looking forward to sharing my educational products with you as well as the great resources that I come across for teachers in my building on a daily basis as a Student Achievement Coach.  I am a former French and Spanish teacher so the majority of my products are for those subject areas. However, as a coach, I now work with all subject areas. Many of my products are designed to help teachers incorporate technology into any subject area. Teaching with technology is one of my passions! In addition, I work with teachers in their PLC's or Professional Learning Communities. We focus on essential learning outcomes, formative and summative assessments, SMART Goals, interventions, and data analysis. As a result I have created many formative assessments for teachers to use. I have so great resources and ideas that I want to share with you that it is going to be difficult to know where to start!    
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